Delete my account

Account deletion erases all data associated with your ShopSee account from our servers within 28 days from your request.

To request your account to be deleted automatically within the app select Menu ( ) > My account > Delete my account and enter your phone number.

If you can no longer access your app, please e-mail your deletion request to us at and include the mobile phone number you used to register your ShopSee account. Before deleting your account, we will ask you to confirm a code sent via SMS to this phone number.

ShopSee badges

Are you an influencer? Do you write about products?

ShopSee conversation links let followers click through from your blogs and web pages directly into live conversations with you on your phone.

ShopSee badges display conversation links in your blog pages only when you are available.

This badge displays in your blogs and web pages when you are ready for conversations with followers. The badge disappears when you are busy.

Badges prevent you being disturbed when you are busy or already in another conversation, and save your followers from making unsuccessful attempts to reach you.

Making badges is easy. Simply add your conversation link and influencer name to the script below and inset it wherever you want to display a badge in your blog pages:

<a href=”conversation link“>
<script src=””></script>
<img id=”ShopSee” name=”influencer namealt=”ShopSee badge”></a>

Your badge displays when you are free. You can place badges with the same or different conversation links on as many pages as you like, subject to one badge per page.

The example below is a badge created by an influencer called FredStylist:

<a href=”″>
<script src=””></script>
<img id=”ShopSee” name=”FredStylist” alt=”ShopSee badge”></a>

Badges are 320×50 pixels by default: use width and height to adjust them. For example, FredStylist‘s badge below is half size:

<a href=”″>
<script src=””></script>
<img width=”160″ height=”25″ id=”ShopSee” name=”FredStylist” alt=”ShopSee badge”></a>

Badges normally always display when you are free.

You may not want to offer a conversation every time. Some pages may attract more conversation than you want to support. You can dial down the number of conversations your pages originate by adding ‘%’ followed by a percentage after your name. In the example below, FredStylist‘s badge appears in one third (33%) of page views when he is free:

<a href=”″>
<script src=””></script>
<img id=”ShopSee” name=”FredStylist%33” alt=”ShopSee badge”></a>

The major browsers Chrome, Edge and Firefox support dynamic display of images without requiring src references in img tags. For full HTML validity, include an src placeholder image which displays momentarily until the dynamic badge image renders. An invisible 1-pixel GIF makes an ideal placeholder: see the example below:

<a href=”″>
<script src=””></script>
<img id=”ShopSee” name=”FredStylist” alt=”ShopSee badge”