Being an influencer

ShopSee helps experts present product ideas to followers, clients and friends.

To be an influencer, tap  for settings and then tap Be an influencer.

Make up your influencer name and give it to your followers. Add your name to your posts so they can shop with you quickly and safely without divulging personal contact details.

Use your own appearance by customizing your home scene.

Registering as an assistant (left) and assistant panel in menu (right)

Enter your e-mail address to stay informed on how to help your followers with ShopSee.

Tap or LET’S GO to close the settings page.

Tap next to your trade name to share your ShopSee link with followers via message apps: WhatsApp, e-mail, SMS etc.

Followers join you instantly in conversation when they tap your ShopSee link. Followers who do not have ShopSee are invited to install.

Use ShopSee links all to let your followers start conversations about things you write about: when they buy you can earn commissions.

Place ShopSee links in your social pages, blogs and videos.

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