Video calls

To send video in calls

  1. Tap to select the telephone screen
  2. Tap to send video to your friends:
    • 1-1 calls: your video appears inset to the bottom right
    • Topic calls: your video appears in the centre
  3. Tap to swap between your front and back cameras
  4. Tap to stop sending video, or tap to hang up the call.

To receive video in calls

Your friend(s) video appears automatically in place of their avatar.

When you are looking at products or in chat, flashes when somebody is sending video: tap to see video.

1-1 video calls
Topic video calls

Give your publishers personal influence

ShopSee helps influencers discuss your products with followers as easily as if they are together in your store

When you work with influencers to promote your products, you want to support them in every way you can.

When influencers review your products, their blogs, videos and posts only go so far. They cannot address every issue that followers have. When followers have unanswered questions, click throughs are lost.

That’s why influencers always value interactions with followers, and need to understand their concerns and questions. ShopSee is an app for conversations between influencers and followers.

ShopSee is a free mobile app for influencers who value discussions with followers

ShopSee conversations bring influencers together with followers in front of your products, safely and without exchanging personal details.

Followers click links within their influencers’ blogs to see your products as conversations. Influencers can lead their followers interactively from product to product, and from photo to photo, pointing things out as they go.

There’s chat, phone and speakerphone — and instant Q&A to save typing.

What’s more ShopSee adds influencers’ affiliate ids to their followers’ purchases so you can reward them.

ShopSee even helps followers help their friends to find your products — and shop with them together, live — just as they love to do together in your real stores.

Let ShopSee open up your store by adding us to your affiliate program.

Tell your influencers about ShopSee today.

Shop together when you can’t be together.

ShopSee conversation links

Conversation links let followers form conversations with you on the things you blog or post about. They simply click your links to chat, call or co-browse with you.

Conversation links are great for understanding issues followers have after reading your blogs and posts.

They help you improve your blogs … and they help your followers get answers to remaining questions.

Followers see only your ShopSee profile, not your personal details.

Create conversation links for things you write about by tapping beneath items to copy their links to your clipboard.

Then paste them into your blog . . . easy!

Social media are great places for followers to start meet and discuss with you. Ways to add links vary by platform. Here’s some tips for the major ones:

There are many ways to add conversation links to your Facebook posts. Whenever you blog on your site, don’t forget to tap its FB button to share your blog on Facebook.
Instagram currently only allows big accounts to add links to their stories but you can add conversation links to your Instagram posts by becoming an advertiser.
Pinterest is a great place to start conversations about items you write about, because you can add clickable links to your images.
Twitter is made for conversation links! Twitter automatically shortens ShopSee’s links into something shorter to let you make best use of your 140 character tweet limit. Don’t worry, they should still work perfectly.

Conversation not supported on your device

You have clicked on a ShopSee conversation link … but your device isn’t supported yet.

ShopSee is for shoppers who want to discuss shopping ideas on their smartphones.

Control when you are available to your followers

When you don’t want to receive calls and chat notifications:

  • Tap to show the settings menu;
  • Tap to the right of your influencer name.

You can continue to see new posts in your followers’ conversations.

Don’t forget to tap when you want to receive calls and notifications again.

To prevent new followers forming conversations with you:

  • Tap to show the settings menu;
  • Tap your influencer name;
  • Set your availability to BUSY

Don’t forget to reset your availability to FREE when you want to allow new followers to form conversations with you.