Influencer vouchers and coupons

Vouchers are a great way to motivate followers and get rewarded. There’s no need to register as an affiliate to use them.

Your followers see your vouchers when they visit items in your conversation. Their codes are copied automatically to make checkout easy.

Follow these easy steps to create and edit your vouchers:

Display the item to which your voucher applies, then tap .

Tap the item name to display All items from this seller if the voucher applies to every item.

Enter the voucher code.

Add some text to explain what the promotion is about. 

Tap to save the voucher.

Tap to exit without making changes.

Tap to delete the voucher.

Vouchers take a few moments to update (typically up to 1 minute).

Managing your conversations

Tap  to see conversations with your friends and people you follow.

If you are a FREE influencer, tap for conversations with your followers.

To drop conversations, long press ones you want to drop to mark them with a tick — then press to drop them.

Once a conversation is dropped, it cannot be restored.

Blocking contacts

You can prevent contacts from forming conversations with you in future by blocking them.

To block contacts, long press their conversation or the topic conversations they own, to mark them with a tick — then tap to drop the conversation and block them from contacting you in future.

You cannot be contacted by blocked contacts until you unblock them.

Contacting a blocked contact automatically unblocks it.

Posting videos and photos

Tap to post a still image or video into your conversation.

Take a photo or video, or choose one from gallery.

Tap Caption to add a message or description.

Tap to send.

You can send images or videos up to a maximum size of 32MB.

To protect your privacy, your location and other personal information is removed automatically from still images.

Pointing things out (doodling) in calls

Follow the below steps to share doodles instantly with other members in a call.

If you are not leading, tapto lead co-browsing.

Tap an item image to pan, expand and point something out.

Double tap to restore the full image.

Tap to draw a doodle inside the dashed line border.

Tap to clear your doodle and start over.

Sharing doodles in calls with friends

Video calls

To send video in calls

  1. Tap to select the telephone screen
  2. Tap to send video to your friends:
    • 1-1 calls: your video appears inset to the bottom right
    • Topic calls: your video appears in the centre
  3. Tap to swap between your front and back cameras
  4. Tap to stop sending video, or tap to hang up the call.

To receive video in calls

Your friend(s) video appears automatically in place of their avatar.

When you are looking at products or in chat, flashes when somebody is sending video: tap to see video.

1-1 video calls
Topic video calls