Influencer appearance

Customize your appearance in the Be an influencer page.

Tap to pick your logo and background.

Your influencer name colour adjusts automatically to match your logo.

Tap to clear.

Your logo must:

  • be JPEG or PNG format
  • have width and height between 50 and 1000 pixels.

Your background must:

  • be JPEG format
  • have height (H) between 500 and 3000 pixels
  • have width (W) between 500 and 1500 pixels
  • have a portrait aspect ratio (H:W) between 1.8 and 2.1.

Getting help from influencers

Get help from influencers to find the right things.

Influencers can be product experts, personal shoppers, bloggers, vloggers, shop assistants, beauticians, stylists and all kinds of other professionals — even colleagues!

Tap  to enter his or her influencer name.

Enter your affiliate details to receive commissions

ShopSee influencers can earn commissions when they CHAT about items and followers buy.

To earn you must be a member of an affiliate network and enrol with ShopSee as an inluencer. See below:

Tap and Be an influencer to fill in your details.

If you’re an influencer already, tap your influencer name to see your settings.

Scroll down to My affiliate networks.

Choose the affiliate networks you are a member of and enter your tracking ids.

Tap Learn more if you want to learn about an affiliate network or become a member.

ShopSee adds your relevant tracking id to items your followers buy within 30 days* of discussing with you.

It is your responsibility to join the advertiser affiliate programmes relevant to you and to honour their terms.

Commission payments are paid directly to you by the affiliate networks: you can monitor these on their websites.

* provided they are not influencers themselves.



Become an AWIN partner and earn commissions on products you introduce to clients and friends.

Enter your publisher id with AWIN in our app where you see tracking id.

ShopSee passes your publisher id to sellers for items you, your friends or clients have discussed in the past 30 days.

Commissions can be as high as 30% and vary according to seller and season.

Some sellers require you to join their programmes before earning commissions. It is your responsibility to join seller programmes using AWIN’s dashboard.

AWIN pays you directly.

Join here.