Co-browsing with ShopSee

There are two things that modern shoppers love: their mobiles and their friends. But shopping with friends isn’t always easy – shoppers have to send links or screen pictures of things they want to share. This is slow and clunky.

ShopSee is designed for mobile shopping.

When you want to show your friends something, just invite them to shop with you – then you can both see the same thing on your screens at the same time. You don’t have to start another app; you can look at different things, while chatting or talking. It’s co-browsing when you need it – when you are shopping and you want to ask your friends what they think.

We think all shoppers should enjoy co-browsing – whether they are looking for something to wear, planning a wedding, or something for the home. ShopSee is designed to let you shop together, even when you can’t be together.

Download ShopSee from Google Play and try it for yourself. If you are in India, you can co-browse millions of Flipkart products in a test store, designed to let you try out all the features of ShopSee. Then tell us what you think …

Do you like what we like?

You are young and tech-savvy. You love your mobile, and use it to buy cool stuff. In fact, you buy almost all your stuff on your mobile. You have at least one friend,  or someone you like to shop with. So you’ve got lots of friends, but they don’t all live in the same city as you. It’s 2019 and location isn’t a big deal.

Most of all, what you love is finding new, innovative tech that makes your life easier and more fun.

Does that sound like you? If so, we’d like to hear from you. We are trialing a new social shopping app in India and we are looking for people who get excited by the same things that excite us: finding better ways to live and work in the digital age.

Connect with us on Twitter, send us a tweet or DM, drop us a message on Facebook, or jump straight in and download the ShopSee app on Google Play. We will send you more details of your mission – should you choose to accept it. Which we hope you will.