Chat in ShopSee is like conventional chat apps … except that ShopSee is made for shopping.


The tick symbols next to your posts indicate whether they have been received and seen:

means the post has not been received, possibly because the recipient device has no signal or is switched off;

✔✔ means the post has been received but not yet seen by the recipient, or all the members of the conversation if it is a topic;

✔✔ (blue) means the post has been seen by the recipient, or all the members of the  conversation if it is a topic.


Ask and answer questions with single taps: no need to think up and type out questions. The Qs and As are relevant to the item, making asking and answering quicker and simpler for you and your friends.


Show your friends what you are chatting about: important when discussing important purchases


Get instant summaries of what your friends think about each item: no need to scroll up and down your chat timeline trying to make sense of what different friends said about different items at different times.


Filter your conversations by individual items: friends often post comments about items at different times. Now you can see arrange your conversation by item.


Hyperlink from posts in a conversation to the items themselves. Long press and you’re back in the conversation.

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