Entering your tracking ids and receiving commissions

ShopSee assistants can earn commissions when they CHAT ABOUT items with clients and friends who later buy.

To earn commissions you must enrol as an assistant and be a member of an affiliate network.

Tap   then tap Be an assistant.

Tap Learn more to learn about each affiliate network and join it.

If you are already an assistant, tap the orange panel enclosing your trade name.

Choose the affiliate networks you are a member of and enter your tracking ids.

ShopSee adds your tracking ids to items users buy within 30 days* of discussing them with you (and, of course, to items you buy).

Some sellers require you to join their programmes before earning commissions. It is your responsibility to join seller programmes using the dashboard the affiliate network provides.

Commission payments are paid to you directly by the affiliate networks: you can monitor these using their dashboards.

* provided they are not assistants themselves.


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