Share your screen and share the fun

Do you love to shop on your mobile? I do! And when I find something interesting, I want to share it with my friends. That used to be difficult, but with  ShopSee it’s easy.

Before ShopSee, to shop with our friends on our mobile, we had to be in two places at once: in the store app, and in a chat app. Wouldn’t it be simpler to invite your friends into the store to show them what we’re seeing?

With ShopSee, we invite our friends to join us in the store app to follow what we’re saying. We stay together on the same item, and our friends tap to show us something else. That simple.

This frees us to focus on our conversation, because there’s no need to fiddle with links, swap between apps or worry whether they’re seeing what we’re seeing.

Seeing the same thing at the same time is productive and fun. We don’t have to leave the store and, instead, our friends join us in-store. And it’s so much easier than having constantly to check in conversations whether they’re seeing what we’re seeing. By allowing us to co-browse shopping together on our phones ShopSee lets us shop together when we can’t be together.

ShopSee helps us follow our friends, and helps them follow us.

Download ShopSee now from Google Play, invite your friends into a conversation, and enjoy browsing together.