ShopSee badges

Are you an influencer? Do you write about products?

ShopSee conversation links let followers click through from your blogs and web pages directly into live conversations with you on your phone.

ShopSee badges display conversation links in your blogs only when you are available.

This badge displays in your blogs and web pages when you are ready for conversations with followers. The badge disappears when you are busy.

Badges prevent you being disturbed when you are busy or already in another conversation, and save your followers from making unsuccessful attempts to reach you.

Making badges is easy. Just add your influencer name and our script:

<a href=”my-shopsee-conversation-link”>

<script src=””>

<img id=”ShopSee” name=”my-influencer-name”></a>

ShopSee dynamically populates your web page with a badge or a blank image depending on whether or not you are free.

Below is an example for an influencer called FredStylist:

    <a href="">
        <script src=""></script>
        <img id="ShopSee" name="FredStylist" alt="ShopSee badge"></a>

Badges are sized 320×50 pixels by default. Use the width and height attributes to adjust them. The badge is half size in the below example:

     <a href="">
         <script src=""></script>
         <img width="160" height="25" id="ShopSee" name="FredStylist" alt="ShopSee badge"></a>

Even though you may be free, you may not want a conversation every time your pages are viewed. Some of your pages may be particularly popular and attract more conversations than you want, while others may be less important.

Badges normally display every time you are free, but you can reduce the percentage of times they display by adding a ‘%’ character followed by the percentage after your name.

In the example below, the badge appears on one third (33%) of page views when FredStylist is free:

    <a href="">
        <script src=""></script>
        <img id="ShopSee" name="FredStylist%33" alt="ShopSee badge"></a>

The major browsers Chrome, Edge and Firefox support dynamic display of images without requiring src references in img tags. For full HTML validity, include an src placeholder image which displays momentarily until the dynamic badge image renders. An invisible 1-pixel GIF makes an ideal placeholder: see the example below:

    <a href="">
        <script src=""></script>
        <img id="ShopSee" name="FredStylist" alt="ShopSee badge"