How do I move my ShopSee account to a new phone?

If you are moving from an old phone with Android Marshmallow or later (6.0+) to a new phone with Android Marshmallow or later (6.0+), then you may migrate your conversation messages and settings automatically.

    1. Ensure you are logged in with your Google account on both phones
    2. Ensure backup is enabled on both phones
    3. Make sure ShopSee is fully backed up on your old phone:
      • Tap the MENU button () in ShopSee
      • Tap About
      • Look for the time of Last backup:¬† . . .
    4. Perform a manual backup if this last backup time is before your latest ShopSee content and settings.
    5. Re-install ShopSee on your new phone
    6. When prompted, tap KEEP MY OLD MESSAGES.


Verifying your number

When you install ShopSee, we send you a code to verify your phone number.

Please follow these steps when you are prompted:

    1. Confirm your number if prompted, alternatively
    2. Choose your country from the drop down list of supported  countries to fill your country code.
    3. Enter your phone number in the box on the right: don’t put 0s before your phone number.
    4. Tap SUBMIT and OK to confirm your number.
    5. If requested, enter the code you receive via SMS.


Can I use ShopSee on a PC or tablet?

ShopSee is about being contactable — and being easy to reach friends when we need them, and wherever they are.

Few friends carry PCs and tablets everywhere. So we don’t support PCs and tablets today.