How do I invite my friends to use ShopSee?

Inviting friends into conversations is easy.

Tap the add friend icon for a 1-1 conversation.

Or tap the create topic icon to make a topic conversation and add friends to it.

In both case, you chose your friends from your contact list.

When a friend doesn’t already have the ShopSee app, you are prompted to send them a message using whatever method (chat app, e-mail, SMS etc.) works for you.


How do I buy items?

ShopSee is for discussing shopping ideas.

If you are thinking about buying an item, tap GO TO STORE to see it in the retailer’s store.

How do I see my friends’ avatars instead of their initials or phone numbers?

ShopSee displays what’s in your contact list and makes an avatar from the image for your friend, if you have stored one.

Otherwise, ShopSee makes an avatar from your friend’s name and initials.

If you haven’t store a name for your friend, then ShopSee identifies your friend by his or her phone number, and makes an avatar from its last 3 digits.

What is the “current” conversation?

You can have many conversations with different friends and groups of friends in ShopSee.

At any time, you may make one of these conversations active as your current conversation.