My phone doesn’t always ring when I receive an incoming call

Check whether you have:

1. Set your conversation to “Do not disturb“? If so, toggle the conversation’s bell icon to re-enable notifications and incoming calls.

2. Set your phone to “Do not disturb”? If so, go to your phone’s settings menu to re-enable incoming calls.

3. Turned your phone’s ring volume down too low? If so, go to your phone’s settings menu to adjust the ring volume.

4. Set your phone to flight mode? If so, go to your phone’s settings menu to clear flight mode.

5. Sufficient WiFi or 3/4/5G signal strength? If so, find a location with sufficient signal to receive and make calls. ShopSee does not support 2G for calling.

6. Enabled “low power” or “battery conservation” mode? Depending on the phone, these modes may prevent ShopSee working when you are not using it. If so, go to your phone’s settings to disable this mode for ShopSee.

How do I make money with ShopSee?

Are you an influencer? Do friends and followers look to you for advice on what to buy?

The great news is that ShopSee lets you earn commissions on products you discuss with friends and followers by becoming an influencer. You decide which brands and sellers to discuss and share with your followers.

Enter sellers’ promotional codes to earn commissions.

If you are an affiliate, ShopSee sends your affiliate tracking id to your sellers so they can pay you commission when your followers visit.

Commission rates are set by brands and sellers, and can vary from a few percent … to as much as 30 percent or more. Just join the advertiser affiliate programmes relevant you.

ShopSee is free: no joining or subscription fee, no need keep anything in stock and no need to ship anything.

How do I become an influencer?

Influencers are able to engage direct in conversation with followers about the products they write about.

Followers can only reach you for conversations when you want to be reached, and conversations are safe because there is no exchange of contact details.

Becoming an influencer is easy and free, see here.

Influencers create conversation links to allow followers to connect with them directly from their blogs and social pages.

They can also share their influencer name to allow followers to connect without links.

How do I move my ShopSee account to a new phone?

If you are moving from an old phone with Android Marshmallow or later (6.0+) to a new phone with Android Marshmallow or later (6.0+), then you may migrate your conversation messages and settings automatically.

    1. Ensure you are logged in with your Google account on both phones
    2. Ensure backup is enabled on both phones
    3. Make sure ShopSee is fully backed up on your old phone:
      • Tap the MENU button () in ShopSee
      • Tap About
      • Look for the time of Last backup:¬† . . .
    4. Perform a manual backup if this last backup time is before your latest ShopSee content and settings.
    5. Re-install ShopSee on your new phone
    6. When prompted, tap KEEP MY OLD MESSAGES.