Can we chat and co-browse together?

Yes. Chatting and co-browsing together makes conversations more productive — because you can post summaries and return to them later.

Without ever taking your eyes off the items you are discussing.

What does “co-browsing” mean?

Co-browsing means seeing the same things at the same time — as if you are standing together in the same physical store.

When someone chooses a different item, everyone follows automatically, without have to do anything.

Co-browsing makes shopping conversations spontaneous, understandable and productive.

ShopSee has two kinds of co-browsing:

How do I share my screen with my friend?

First add your friend to your conversations list if you haven’t already done so.

Now start the conversation.

Then select the item you want to share.  You can do this by:

    1. tapping CHAT ABOUT next to the item, or by
    2. long pressing the item.

Your item automatically displays beneath your friend’s chat when he or she is in ShopSee store with you as their current conversation.

If your friend is already in chat with you, their subject item flashes to prompt them to visit your item.

If your friend is not in ShopSee, she or he receives a notification that you want to chat.

On selecting the notification, your friend sees your conversation over the item you selected.

Co-browsing to share your shopping experience dynamically.

Can I chat and browse at the same time?

Yes, that’s what ShopSee is about!

ShopSee let’s you browse for items of interest.  At any time, you can involve a friend or a group of friends in your shopping journey.

Then, as you discover and want to remark on items of interest, they see your  conversation together overlaid instantly over the same items.

Conversation is easy because you see both the items and your conversation together. And, of course, there’s no need to swap into and of other apps all the time.