Why shop with ShopSee?

Are you a blogger or do you use social media like Facebook or YouTube to review products? Do you have customers or clients who turn to you for advice on what to buy? If your answer is “yes” to any of these, then ShopSee is for you.

Everyone needs help with shopping decisions at times. And when you’ve helped someone find the right purchase or put together an incredible look, that’s really satisfying.

As an influencer, you know just how difficult it is for blogs and posts to answer everything at once. Many times, followers need face-face conversations in front of products in order to decide. But that’s increasingly hard these days.

So how can you have safe, productive shopping conversation with your followers wherever they are?

ShopSee let’s followers reach you instantly from your blogs and social media to discuss the products you write about. They start live conversations about them with you, safely without requiring you to disclose any personal contact details.

You, they and your products are all joined together — where you can call, video or chat. Everyone sees the same product being discussed and can highlight things of interest. And instant Q&A means there’s no need to take notes or type things out.

Clear conversations make decisions easier for your followers. What’s more, direct conversations with followers can help you write with even greater insight in the future.

And when you register with ShopSee as an influencer, ShopSee attributes 100% of affiliate commissions on products you introduce — to you personally.

Let your followers sit back and enjoy shopping with you — while you lead them to new discoveries.

ShopSee is free. Try it now.

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