Why shop with ShopSee?

Are you an influencer? Do you blog or use Facebook, YouTube and other social media to review products? Then ShopSee is for you.

As an influencer, you know how difficult it is for blogs, vlogs and posts to answer everything. Followers often want to discuss — and you want to be rewarded.

So how can you have safe, productive shopping conversation with your followers wherever they are?

ShopSee let’s followers reach you from your blogs and social media to discuss things you write about — safely without exchanging personal details.

Everyone sees products as they’re being discussed — in call, video and chat — and can highlight things of interest. Instant Q&A means there’s no need to take notes or type things out.

Clear conversations make decisions easier for your followers. What’s more, direct conversations with followers can help you write with even greater insight in the future.

Enter vouchers to motivate your followers — and add your affiliate tracking id — to receive affiliate commissions on products you discuss.

Let your followers sit back and enjoy — while you lead them to new discoveries — and be rewarded in the process.

ShopSee is free. Try it now.

Android 8.0 (Oreo)
and higher
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Shop together when you can’t be together.