Why shop with ShopSee?

Everyone needs a little help with shopping decisions at times. And when you’ve helped someone put together an incredible look, that’s a really satisfying feeling. 

But clients and friends have hectic schedules, making it hard for them to be with you in the same places at the same times.

So how can you shop with them safely and productively, wherever they are?

With ShopSee, your clients and friends see the same things instantly as you chat and talk about them.

No need to always type things out when you can both use instant Q&A to make communication super easy.

ShopSee clearly shows who thinks what about which item – eliminating misunderstandings.

Let them sit back and enjoy shopping with you — while you lead them to new discoveries.

ShopSee is free.

Download ShopSee today. Available now on Android and coming soon to iOS.

Android 6.0.1 and aboveiPhone
Coming soon