Conversation links

Conversation links are a great way to help people . . . and earn commissions.

Conversation links allow you to interact safely with people who follow your blogs and posts. They follow your links to chat, call or co-browse interactively over what you write about.

Followers see only your published ShopSee profile – not your personal details.

You can create conversation about specific items, so you and your followers can see immediately what conversation’s about.

Suppose you’ve blogged about an item, say the dress on the right …

To obtain your conversation link, tap over the item in your ShopSee app to copy it to your clipboard.

Here’s an example ShopSee conversation link:

Just paste the link into your blog.
Images make great conversation links.

To explain that clicking the image connects you in conversation, just add ShopSee’s avatar logo with some explanatory text.

Social media are great places for followers to meet you and discuss. Adding links to your posts and stories on social media varies by platform. Here’s some tips for the major ones:

There are many ways to add conversation links to your Facebook posts. Whenever you blog on your site, don’t forget to tap its FB button to share your blog on Facebook.
Instagram currently only allows its big accounts to add links to their stories but you can add conversation links to your Instagram posts by becoming an advertiser.
Pinterest is a great place to start conversations about items you write about, because you can add clickable links to your images.
Twitter is made for conversation links! Twitter automatically shortens ShopSee’s links into something shorter to let you make best use of your 140 character tweet limit. Don’t worry, they should still work perfectly.