ShopSee conversation links

Do you want your followers to be able to have conversations with you about the products you blog about?

Conversations allow you to answer followers’ questions, letting them purchase your products with confidence. At the same time, you get to know your followers even better.

Conversation links enable them to chat, speak and co-browse with you. They see only your ShopSee profile, not your personal details.

Create conversation links for things you write about by tapping beneath product items to copy their links to your clipboard.

Then paste them into your blog . . . easy!

Social media are great places for followers to start meet and discuss with you. Ways to add links vary by platform. Here’s some tips for the major ones:

There are many ways to add conversation links to your Facebook posts. Whenever you blog on your site, don’t forget to tap its FB button to share your blog on Facebook.
Instagram currently only allows big accounts to add links to their stories but you can add conversation links to your Instagram posts by becoming an advertiser.
Pinterest is a great place to start conversations about items you write about, because you can add clickable links to your images.
Twitter is made for conversation links! Twitter automatically shortens ShopSee’s links into something shorter to let you make best use of your 140 character tweet limit. Don’t worry, they should still work perfectly.