Share your screen and share the fun

Do you love to shop on your mobile? I do! And when I find something interesting, I want to share it with my friends. That used to be difficult, but with  ShopSee it’s easy.

Before ShopSee, to shop with our friends on our mobile, we had to be in two places at once: in the store app, and in a chat app. Wouldn’t it be simpler to invite your friends into the store to show them what we’re seeing?

With ShopSee, we invite our friends to join us in the store app to follow what we’re saying. We stay together on the same item, and our friends tap to show us something else. That simple.

This frees us to focus on our conversation, because there’s no need to fiddle with links, swap between apps or worry whether they’re seeing what we’re seeing.

Seeing the same thing at the same time is productive and fun. We don’t have to leave the store and, instead, our friends join us in-store. And it’s so much easier than having constantly to check in conversations whether they’re seeing what we’re seeing. By allowing us to co-browse shopping together on our phones ShopSee lets us shop together when we can’t be together.

ShopSee helps us follow our friends, and helps them follow us.

Download ShopSee now from Google Play, invite your friends into a conversation, and enjoy browsing together.

Do you like what we like?

You are young and tech-savvy. You love your mobile, and use it to buy cool stuff. In fact, you buy almost all your stuff on your mobile. You have at least one friend,  or someone you like to shop with. So you’ve got lots of friends, but they don’t all live in the same city as you. It’s 2019 and location isn’t a big deal.

Most of all, what you love is finding new, innovative tech that makes your life easier and more fun.

Does that sound like you? If so, we’d like to hear from you. We are trialing a new social shopping app in India and we are looking for people who get excited by the same things that excite us: finding better ways to live and work in the digital age.

Connect with us on Twitter, send us a tweet or DM, drop us a message on Facebook, or jump straight in and download the ShopSee app on Google Play. We will send you more details of your mission – should you choose to accept it. Which we hope you will.

Conversation links

Conversation links are a great way to help people . . . and earn commissions.

Conversation links allow you to interact safely with people who follow your blogs and posts. They follow your links to chat, call or co-browse interactively over what you write about.

Followers see only your published ShopSee profile – not your personal details.

You can create conversation about specific items, so you and your followers can see immediately what conversation’s about.

Suppose you’ve blogged about an item, say the dress on the right …

To obtain your conversation link, tap over the item in your ShopSee app to copy it to your clipboard.

Here’s an example ShopSee conversation link:

Just paste the link into your blog.
Images make great conversation links.

To explain that clicking the image connects you in conversation, just add ShopSee’s avatar logo with some explanatory text.

Social media are great places for followers to meet you and discuss. Adding links to your posts and stories on social media varies by platform. Here’s some tips for the major ones:

There are many ways to add conversation links to your Facebook posts. Whenever you blog on your site, don’t forget to tap its FB button to share your blog on Facebook.
Instagram currently only allows its big accounts to add links to their stories but you can add conversation links to your Instagram posts by becoming an advertiser.
Pinterest is a great place to start conversations about items you write about, because you can add clickable links to your images.
Twitter is made for conversation links! Twitter automatically shortens ShopSee’s links into something shorter to let you make best use of your 140 character tweet limit. Don’t worry, they should still work perfectly.

Device not supported

You have clicked on a ShopSee conversation link … but your device isn’t supported yet.

ShopSee is for shoppers who want to discuss shopping ideas on their smartphones.

Disabling contact as an assistant

When we don’t want to be contacted:

  • Tap to show the menu;
  • Tap to the right of your trade name.

Don’t forget to tap when you want to be contacted again.

Being an assistant

Tap  for settings, then tap Be an assistant.

Give your trade name to followers and add it to your posts so they can shop with you quickly and safely without needing your personal contact details.

Pick a logo and background to customize your home scene.

Registering as an assistant (left) and assistant panel in menu (right)

Enter your e-mail address to be kept informed.

Tap or LET’S GO to close the settings page.

Tap next to your trade name to share your conversation link with followers in other apps (e.g. WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS).

Use your conversation link in your social pages and blogs: followers tap your link to join you in conversation. If they do not already have the ShopSee app, they will be taken first to Google Play or App Store to install.

You can also let followers start conversations about items you write about. When they buy you can earn commissions.

Enter your tracking id to earn commissions.

Some sellers require you to join their programmes to earn commissions.  It is your responsibility to join seller programmes.

Post, chat & earn

Want to help people who read your blogs?

ShopSee lets you paste conversation links into your blogs and posts so readers can connect seamlessly with you to discuss items you write about.

On clicking your links, readers connect with you in live chat or audio co-browsing — it’s up to you. 

You automatically earn commissions when readers buy items you have discussed with them.

To create a link, tap over the item to copy its ShopSee conversation link to your clipboard. Your link looks like this:<some code>

Readers who do have ShopSee are prompted to install automatically. Those who cannot or do not want to install are directed to the item in-store where there is still an opportunity for you to receive a commission. 

You must be registered as an assistant to earn commissions.

You can disable being contacted as an assistant when you do not want to be disturbed.